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Why Join BitCoiner Web Mining Network?

BitCoiner offers a JavaScript miner for the Monero Blockchain that you can embed in your website. Your users run the miner directly in their Browser and mine XMR for you in turn for an ad-free experience.

Your users can “pay” you with full privacy, without registering an account anywhere, without installing a browser extension and without being bombarded by shady ads. They will pay you with just their CPU power.

Will This Work On My Site?

Technically yes, economically probably not. If you run a blog that gets 10 visits/day, the payout will be miniscule. For the captcha and shortlinks with a sensible hash goal (1024–16384) you'll need to have a whole lot of users to make this worthwhile.

Implementing a reward system for your site or game where users have to keep mining for longer durations is far more feasible. With just 10–20 active miners on your site, you can expect a monthly revenue of about 0.3 XMR (~$120).


Fair Payouts

We pay per solved hash. The payout rate is adjusted automatically every hours based on the global difficulty of the network and the average reward per block. The payout rate is calculated like this:

(<solved_hashes>/<global_difficulty>) * <block_reward> * 0.8

With the current network difficulty of 57137152144 (Sat, 19 May 18 20:28:49 +0000) and average block reward of 4.58 XMR:

(1.000.000/57137152144) * 4.58 * 0.8 = 0.000064 XMR per 1M hashes

Terms Payouts

I.e. you get 80% of the average XMR we earn. Unlike a traditional mining pool, this rate is fixed, regardless of actual blocks found and the luck involved finding them. We keep 20% for us to operate this service and to (hopefully) turn a profit.

We try to run this service with as much transparency as possible. If your users solve hashes, you get paid. Period. The minimum payout threshold is 0.01 XMR (~$4).

Payouts are fully automated and are initiated 1 times a day. If you reach the minimum payout threshold, you'll automatically receive your money in the next batch.

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